17th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology

Photos from ISAP 2013

Keynote Address by Dr. Nancy Leveson
Applying Systems Thinking to Aviation Psychology

Nacy Leveson Photo

Invited Address by Dr. Max Mulder
Ecological Flight Deck Design: The World Behind The Glass

Invited Address by Dr. James Lackner
An Earthbound Perspective on Orientation Illusions Experienced in Aerospace Flight

Max Mulder Photo

James Lackner

Stanley N. Roscoe Best Student Paper Award

Jan Comans
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands
(co-authors: C. Borst, M.M., van Paasen, & M. Mulder)
"Risk Perception in Ecological Information Systems"

In Memoriam

Earl Wiener

Organizing Committee

  • Amy Alexander, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Richard Arnold, Naval Medical Research Unit – Dayton
  • Herbert Bell, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Jeff Doyal, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp
  • John Flach, Wright State University
  • Scott Galster, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Eric Geiselman, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Pamela Tsang, Wright State University
  • Michael Vidulich, Air Force Research Laboratory