Max Mulder received the MSc (1992) and PhD degrees (1999, cum laude) in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, for his work on the cybernetics of tunnel-in-the-sky displays.

He is Full Professor “Aerospace Human-Machine Systems”, and Head of the Control and Simulation section at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft. His research interests are twofold. First, he studies manual control cybernetics and its use in modeling human perception and performance. Second, he investigates cognitive systems engineering and its application in the design of novel ‘ecological’ human-machine systems for pilots and air traffic controllers.

Max teaches several (under)graduate courses on signal analysis and control systems, avionics, human-machine systems and air traffic management. He (co-)authored 400+ academic publications, has been invited lecturer at various seminars, and organized several international conferences and symposia.