Student Paper Award

The Stanley Nelson Roscoe Best Student Paper Award

Updated April 24, 2017

The Stanley Nelson Roscoe Best Student Paper Award is intended to memorialize the contributions of Dr. Stanley Roscoe (1920-2007) to the early development of Aviation Psychology by recognizing exceptional accomplishment by a student in Aviation Psychology.  

It is not widely known that Stan, as an undergraduate, majored in English. Because of that, or possibly despite it, he was devoted to both the written and the spoken word. Any student of Stan’s learned early that paragraphs were 100 words plus or minus ten. In advance of any scientific presentation, his students went through rigorous preparation in his office. Slides were to be sparse and presentations could not, under any circumstances, be read from prepared notes. The only concession to the nervous student fearing seizure in front of a first audience would be a few notes on the border of the slide. Stan would be delighted to know that Aviation Psychology, his primary scientific love, will reward its emerging scientists for presentation excellence in his name.

A panel of senior aviation psychologists will select an exceptional student paper presented at the symposium that best exemplifies the blending of scientific and practical contribution that exemplified Stan Roscoe’s own work. Up to six finalists will be selected based on the paper submissions. The finalists will be notified in early April and are requested to present their work (either a spoken presentation or a poster) to the panel of judges on Monday, prior to the main program that commences on Tuesday.  A winner will be selected from among the finalists by the panel of judges. The winner will be announced during the Wednesday Banquet. 

All participants of the competition should register for the Symposium. All finalists will be reimbursed the ISAP registration fee for the amount that the student paid and a small gift card. The winner will receive an additional waiver of registration fee for the next ISAP and a prize.


  • The student must be the primary author of the paper, either as a solo author or as first author
  • The student must be an active student at the time the work was submitted to the symposium
  • The student must present the paper either as a spoken presentation or a poster, and submit a paper for the Proceedings
  • At the time of the proposal submission, the student must indicate that the proposal is a “Student Paper” to be considered for the Best Student Paper Award by checking the appropriate box
  • Confirmation by a senior researcher who supervises the research that the work is highly likely to be completed by the time of paper submission on March 1, 2017. Contact information will be sought during the proposal submission process.


Review Committee

Brian Simpson (Chair), Air Force Research Laboratory
Clark Borst, Delft University of Technology
Victor Finomore, Air Force Academy
Richard Jagacinski, Ohio State University
Michael Miller, Air Force Institute of Technology
Steven Landry, Purdue University


Best Student Paper Competition Finalists

Megan France, MIT
Engineering for Humans: A New Extension to Systems Theoretic Process Analysis 

David Gayraud, University of Toulouse, ESPE
Efficiency of a Situation Awareness Training Module in Initial Pilot Training

Martijn IJtsma, Georgia Institute of Technology
Adaptive Automation Based on Air Traffic Controller's Decision-Making

Martijn IJtsma, Georgia Institute of Technology
Objective Function Allocation Method for Human-Robotic Interaction using Work Models that Compute

Mikayla Keller, The University of Western Ontario
Flight Experience and Mental Representations of Space

Georg Rudnick, Universität der Bundeswehr
Experimental Evaluation of a Scalable Autonomy Concept for Cognitive Agents aboard Reconnaissance UAVs


For more information, contact:

Pamela Tsang                                               Michael Vidulich
(Program Co-Chair)                                      (Program Co-Chair)